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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

today's events!!!

OK! She's finally FREEEEE of exams for a while!!! :D AND (get this!) biology was actually fine!!! yayeeeee!!! I was dreading that exam!

(2 secs, just off to get wine and lemonade ;) )

Back! Stupid lemonade is nearly flat :(. ah well, beggars can't be choosers.

So.... yeah, well, other than having to blag a question about NAD (I couldn't be expected to remember that it helped to make ethanal before ethanol was created in anaerobic respiration in yeast now could I?! :P) Wore my red clouds Keane t-shirt for luck! :D

Being on the brink of insanity DOES however have some good points. My dreams, for example, have been amazing. I'll quote these from the dreams thread on the Keane forum (http://bb01.sov.uk.vvhp.net/keane/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=40523&start=870)

'Last Friday I had one that was just really really nice. The guys and their other halves came over to my house for the day (/night!) and were there chatting and playing with my bros and parents all the time, but I was really upset cause I'd had to spend the entire time in my room revising. So then about 6 o'clock dream-time they were like: 'should we go now?' jsut as I'd come downstairs, and saw my crestfallen face, and stayed until about 2AM with me!

Last night's was just WEEEEEIRD. Keane's new video was premiering, but everyone (INCLUDING TTR) were going to be watching it on top a huge tower in a city with a huge screen in front. Just before, I was waiting in a lounge with loads of sofas for my friend to come back from somewhere and TTR wandered in lost. Then a security system went off and locked us in for a while... shame! So we were in there talking for a while, then the doors unlocked and we all went up to the roof. Keane were sitting in a weird glass box at the front of the roof, with glass that was really cloudy and opaque apart from when they got really close to it. The roof was full of boardies, and we kept catching sight of Tom, and each time every one screamed! '

Can't really complain about those now can I?!?!

So now that I have no exams until the summer, I'm going to try and keep this thing up to date! :D

Let's add a 'what I'm looking forward to' list:

  • watching Fellowship of the Ring in a minute

  • Saturday's girly night in! :D

  • Riding on Sunday

  • Valentine's Day - 'cause I'm seeing Amy MacDonald hehe!! Going to be the best VDay ever! Not that it has a lot of competition! :P

Listening to loads of U2 'cause SS's manager decided I had to :P it's good, I must say!!! lol.

And I've just finished reading Rosie's newest fanfic. Dirty as promised lol. Didn't understand the vampire thing going on there but oh well! Was a good read. And I'm on her list for a new fanfic :D

Au revoir mes cheres! *hug*


P.S. here's my all-time fave pic of Mr Tom Chaplin *swoon*


Keane Arica♥ said...

hi i love your blog it is so crazy!!
:D i'm from Chile... cheers.

×CarOle× said...

Ah ah I love this pic too XD