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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Martha's Wednesday...

has been exceeeeeeeeeeeeedingly boring! What's with the only-first-and-fifth-period thing going on here? I have better things to do than be sitting around school from 10:10am to 2:45pm!

So anyway, after all the drama last night I've managed to get tickets to see Amy Macdonald at Lemongrove in Exeter - WHOOP! So I'm a happy HAPPY bunny!! :D She ROCKS! The small matter of having to go with my parents ('cause noone else down here seems to have heard of her :( ) is insignificant.

So yeah, off in a min to get ready for this weird Sixth Form Open Evening thing, maybe continue my Tarot studies (lol!)

Hope you've all had a good day! :D

Martha xxxxxxxxx

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mkeane said...

hello martha glad to read about that gig have fun! with your parents thanks for adding my link to your blog see u around xD!