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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I'm fed up with this country. Or maybe just this area, if I'm fair. But I hate how we claim to have such a fantastic music scene, with so much going on, yet when I go into the one decent record store near me, my search for the Perfect Symmetry single (Keane) is futile. They don't even have one copy. If, however, I had wanted to buy, say, Alexandra Burke's feeble cover of Hallelujah, or Leona Lewis' equally dull cover of Run, I could have chosen from a whole stack of shiny plastic cases. So why isn't an excellent new single from a current, popular rock band on sale? Why did I have to ask them to order it in specially?! Ridiculous.

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×CarOle× said...

Actually, it seems quite weird. I thought everyone who lives in the UK can have Keane albums and singles without problems.
I live in Belgium and I can't have the singles (they aren't sold in Belgium). Everytime I go to London, I buy them^^
Anyway, it's a pity that you have to order them!